Trust is power


Chiton has the ability to win the highest level of trust from clients.

The core of Chiton’s operation is to help the clients meet their set business development goals, elevate their corporate brand value and obtain measurable commercial profits.

ChitonTrans has been established for nearly 10 years, offering first-class translation and interpreting services as well as product localisation and business consultancy solutions from translation experts and linguists across the world and in more than 100 languages. ChitonTrans is proud to be the most reliable collaborator as a language service provider.


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Excellent quality and efficient productivity


Chiton works to the ISO 9001-2000 quality management standard and we stringently adhere to the standardised workflow of "translation - proofreading - final check".

With powerful technology strength as well as robust and rigorous work procedures and control, we ensure consistent quality, lowering production costs and significantly improving productivity.






Chiton’s long-term collaborated clients include various international groups and corporations, from manufacturing, financial, legal, municipal organisation, consultancy, advertising services, education, media, and tourism industries etc.




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