Chiton's financial translations have won the trust of our clients because of our precision, quality standards and high efficiency.


Finance revolves around money. The bodies that take part in financial activities primarily include banks, trusts,,insurance companies, securities companies, securities investment funds, financial companies, asset management companies, foreign currency and stock exchange etc.


Chiton’s financial translators are all professional experts in all fields of finance across Europe, North America and Asia and they all understand the features, markets, products and operations in the finance industry. They are all adept at the technical knowledge, writing standards and jargons of the field and are all aware of the subtle intricacies of the languages used in different countries and regions.


Translation services for the financial industry from Chiton


  • financial industry regulation, policy, market research reports,
  • financing products, equity prospectus, fund products
  • annual reports, financial statements (trading and profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, statements of stockholder equity, cash flow statements, etc)
  • Bidding documents, asset assessment reports
  • insurance contracts, insurance products,Financial magazines, financial news




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