The manufacturing industry covers many markets and maintains a significant percentage of the national economy for many countries. There is also a tremendous demand for translation in the manufacturing industry. This great demand has given Chiton the opportunity to step into many areas of the manufacturing industry and complete countless language service projects.


With Chiton's storage of industry knowledge, construction of multi-lingual glossary resources, implementation of scientific management procedures, skilful utilisation of advanced technologies and the stringent selection and assessment procedure for its translators, Chiton has been able to establish stable long-term collaborations with many world class manufacturing companies.


Business lies in expertise. Chiton takes pride in having manufacturing translation to be its strongest field.

1.   Transportation manufacturing

      Shipping, automobiles, motorcycles, railway and bicycles

2.  General-use and specialised device

      Boilers, crane transportation equipment, pumps, valves, compressors, 

      medical devices, electronic devices

3.   Electronic machines and devices

4.   Electricity

5.   Communication equipment, computers

6.   Instruments and meters

7.   Textiles and garments

8.   Paper production

9.   Rubber (tyres)

10. Food

11. Chemical raw materials and products

12. Metal and metal products

13. Construction industry




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