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ChitonTrans provides translation services within a wide spectrum of 77 languages and have a pool of approximately 1,070 translation experts and linguists across the globe, working on a full-time or freelance basis.


The translation experts at Chiton all have in-depth industry expertise in at least two business sectors and they have all been rigorously tested and assessed by the company on their language ability and industry knowledge.


Every industry has its own technical terminology and writing standard, especially for technical material which contains an extensive amount of industry-specific terminology within the relevant field. Therefore, it is vital to ensure consistent use of teminology in technical translation. Chiton fully utilises internet technology, continuously evolving our translation technology tools and database of linguistic content in order to ensure the terminology consistency for our client's globally published projects, as well as ensuring such consistency throughout the batches of the client's projects.


Words are the most vibrant component of a language. Chiton organises industry and topic-specific seminars periodically in order to study up-and-coming terms that have newly emerged within a certain industry; synchronising our knowledge and language with industries’ development trends.   


Translation is the transference between different languages and cultures. We use mother-tongue translation experts and linguists of the target-language to translate and proofread, with the aim of guaranteeing the authenticity of our translations and closely conveying the target culture.



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