Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting - the interpreter renders all of the messages correctly and completely in the target-language, whilst almost simultaneously formulating it from the source language. The interpreter works behind the scenes. The simultaneous interpretation is delivered to the target-language listeners via specialised equipment. Because simultaneous interpreting has strong academic and technical characteristics and also has the advantage of not taking up much time within a conference. This method is widely used in multilingual conferences, diplomatic meetings, negotiation and business events as well as media news conferences, training events, television broadcasting and international arbitration, etc.


Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting - the interpreter listens to the source-language speaker and simultaneously takes notes. After the speaker finishes speaking or pauses to wait for the interpretation, the interpreter then renders the source-language message entirely or proportionately into the target language. This type of interpreting is suitable for negotiation, courteous meetings, press conferences, inspections, sightseeing, banquets and opening ceremonies etc.


Worldwide Telephone interpreting

Chiton has long been offering international multi-party and multi-lingual telephone conference, communication and interpreting services to companies, investment management firms and consultancy companies.


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