Technical writing

Technical writing - utilises the technical writers' industry expertise and ability to, compile, illustrate, and incorporate complex and elusive scientific information into a breadth of technical documentation in hardcopy, electronic, on-line or multi-media formats, in a way that is logically conscientious, stylistically concise and easily understood for the audience.


Every industry has its specialised technical knowledge and writing form, such as, product manuals, user guides, research reports and analysis, financial reports and tax forms, which all have their own writing standard. Technical writers must command technical knowledge and an accurate understanding of the technical concepts and described objects. They must possess great logical thinking, an ability to summarise as well as outstanding language and writing ability. Technical writers should be capable of describing the object information and definition in a way that is standardised, natural, concise and easily-understood, in order to allow non-technical audiences to understand and be able to use the information.


As a language service provider, Chiton has an extensive multi-lingual pool of technical writers across a breadth of different industries; we can meet client’s requirements in respect of writing styles for their varying technical documentation. For one client's documentation which serves different functionalities and purposes, such as product manuals and advertising booklets, we will assign the most suitable writers depending on the specific situation.


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